Resources for Older Adults & Caregivers

This section provides tips and guidance on what services are available for older adults and their caregivers.  While some of this information is Denver-specific, many of these services are available in other regions or states (ie. Meals on Wheels).  These guides also address more general issues like caregiver / care partner burnout, what to do when in-home help is resisted and documents to include with a Medicaid application.

If you have any questions about these resources either in Denver, Colorado or other parts of the United States, contact Western Care Partners.

Topic-Specific Resource Guides

The Denver Coordinated Workgroup created several resource guides to give an overview of what services are available to older adults and caregivers, who pays for them and how to vet providers.

Click on the topics below to see Detailed Guides to Services:

The Denver Coordinated Workgroup is made up of experts from the field of aging who are committed to creating and sharing information in order to guide people to the services they need to thrive as they grow older.  Western Care Partners is proud to serve with this group of talented professionals.