About Western Care Partners

Western Care Partners was created to ease the stress and uncertainty we feel when trying to help a loved one, or when finding support for ourselves.

Having the right guidance as you or a loved one journey through life’s transitions makes a world of difference. Jill’s helped countless individuals and families work through major life changes with confidence and dignity. Her expertise in psychotherapy, care management, and facilitating tough conversations with family members will give you confidence and peace of mind no matter how tough life gets.

About Jill

Seeing yourself or a loved one getting older is hard, and I believe you should have the necessary resources to make it as easy as possible.

I’ve always had a passion for helping others walk through hard things. After watching family after family struggle to help their loved ones down the path of life’s transitions without the support they desperately needed, I knew there had to be a better way.

The truth is — few people are willing to admit they’re struggling with getting older, and families typically don’t know how or don’t want to ask for help but, it’s okay to get help when life feels out of control. It’s actually the best thing you can do for everyone involved, and I’m here to guide you and your loved ones through these challenging times.

I believe life is hard enough as it is and the emotional toll you are dealing with is real.

I’m here to help people just like you feel strong enough no matter how tough life gets. I graduated from Calvin College with a degree in English and a minor in Social Work. In my 30s, I realized I missed school and went on to get my Master Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Late Life Challenges from the University of Denver. From 2014-17, I developed and managed the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) programs for the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ Area Agency on Aging.

In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I’m certified in advance care planning which allows me to assist people with completing their Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will forms. I’m also trained in EMDR, an evidence-based clinical therapy that can help with a wide variety of issues including anxiety and depression, grief and chronic pain. Over the years, I’ve worked in communities around the country including internships with:

  • Rocky Mountain Stroke Center
  • Administration for Community Living
  • SAMHSA, and
  • TRU Community hospice and palliative care.

I love sharing knowledge with the next generation and have served as adjunct faculty for DU’s Graduate School of Social Work. I am currently a member of the Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work and the American Association for University Women.

Whether you’re being everything to everyone, experiencing grief, depression, or anxiety or you’re worried about someone you love, I’m here to walk you through those feelings and create personalized solutions. Together, we’ll help you get off the path of being stuck and back to being you again.

All About Jill, outside the office

Jill loves exploring the outdoors. Hiking in the wondrous North Cascades is her favorite to-date, especially if it’s mushroom season. 

Traveling holds a special place in Jill’s heart. She loves finding local restaurants, off-trail areas in national parks, and a good consignment store. If there’s a yarn or fabric shop in a town she’s visited, she’s probably been.  

Jill also loves teaching. She’s a sought-after expert on being kinder to ourselves, in-home care options, how our brains change as we age, and local resources for care. Her workshops on each of these topics will rock your world and your audience. P.S. Consider booking Jill for your next event!

My dad lives in another state and I was feeling lost in a sea of unknowns. Jill helped me see that things were not going to hell in a hand-basket after all. A bonus of all of this was that I could relax and not be so bossy with my dad, and not so defensive with my husband (about being bossy with my dad).”

Maggie M., Denver, CO

“Jill commands an encyclopedic knowledge of community resources along with a wide network of professional relationships. To boot, she knows how to navigate the public benefits system.  With skilled and directive compassion, Jill can quickly move a complex, emotionally tough situation towards a solution. In short, she’s a great person to have on your side.”

– Jean A., Brighton, CO

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