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Different transportation options are available to help you get to the things you need and enjoy, especially if you decide to stop driving. This can be a big change. Many people find they need to plan their trips differently and be creative about how to get around.

What are my transportation options?

Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council (DRMAC) has a transportation helpline to answer your questions about what options are available to you: 303-243-3113. You can request their “Getting There Guide” with a list of ride options for older adults and adults with disabilities (English and Spanish).  The “Getting There Guide” is available in several languages:

RTD buses and lightrail – 303-299-6000;
Costs for public transit vary depending on how far you go. Monthly passes and specialty trips to sporting events or other cities like Boulder or Glenwood Springs are available. Discounts are available to people with Medicare, adults 65+, and people with disabilities – to find out about these discounts, call 303-299-2667 or visit RTD also has a commuter train which runs between downtown Denver and Denver International Airport.

RTD SeniorRide picks up groups of ten or more people from a single destination to travel to select community events for a fee. Note: Passengers of any age can use this service. Call 303-299-6503, email senior.ride@rtd‑, or visit for more information.

Additionally, RTD SeniorShopper provides rides to go shopping for people with Medicare, adults 65+, and people with disabilities for a fee. Groups of ten or more are picked up at older adult housing complexes and community centers. SeniorShopper is only available on weekdays (holidays excluded). Use the SeniorRide contact information above.

RTD ACCESS-A-Ride is an accessible bus available to those who cannot use regular bus and lightrail routes due to having a disability. Your destination must be within ¾-mile of the regular routes. (Regular routes are referred to as “fixed routes”). ACCESS-A-Ride can provide door-to-door service – meaning they will pick you up at an outside doorway and help you to the bus – during the same hours when the fixed-route buses and lightrails are running. You’ll need a medical referral to apply. Call 303-299-2960 or visit

Taxis – Prices for rides are generally based on the length of your trip. Taxi drivers are not able to help you in and out of the car but some companies offer services to people with disabilities if you mention this when you schedule your ride.

Uber and Lyft – Uber and Lyft are similar to taxi services but you use a smartphone to schedule and pay for rides. Drivers are screened with the company’s own federal and county background checks. Drivers use their own vehicles.

Quick Tip: If you have a smartphone, you can download free apps that will let you plan and schedule rides. Call your carrier for instructions on how to download apps.

Community Options for Older Adults 60+

Adams County Community Transit Program / A-lift: A community transit program in Adams County providing connection to those 55+ between Adams County and the cities of Arvada, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Thornton, Northglenn and Westminster.  Call 303-447-9636 or go to

Aging & Disability Resource Center for the Denver Metro Area may provide transportation vouchers for rides to older adults (60+) needing transportation to medical and dental appointments, grocery, and personal trips. Rides must be scheduled in advance over the phone. Call 303-480-6700 to speak with a Community Resource Specialist.

Broomfield Easy Ride Senior Transportation – 303-469-3301 — offers free transportation services to older adults to medical appointments, the Broomfield Senior Center and to the grocery store. Personal appointments and special trips are provided as able

Douglas County First Call – 303-660-7519 — Douglas County residents 60+ may call for free rides to medical/dental appointments, grocery shopping trips, meal sites, adult day centers and other personal trips.

Via offers free rides to medical appointments and meal sites for residents of rural Adams County (Brighton, Bennett, Strasburg and Watkins) on weekdays. Via also offers travel training on transportation options in the Denver metro area to older adults and people with disabilities. Call 303-447-2848 or go to

Volunteers of America offers free rides to residents 60+ of Clear Creek and Gilpin counties on weekdays for medical and dental appointments, grocery shopping, meal sites, and local priority trips such as to the nursing home, laundromat, cemetery and polling stations. Rides must be scheduled in advance. Clear Creek residents call 303-567-2382. Gilpin residents, call 303-582-5444.

Medicare & Medicaid

Medicare Part A covers 80% of the approved amount for medically necessary emergency ambulance rides. Medicare only covers rides to the closest, most appropriate medical facility. If you choose to go to a medical facility farther away, the extra cost will be passed on to you.

When you get an ambulance for a non-emergency situation, and the ambulance company thinks that Medicare may not pay for your ambulance service, the company must give you an “Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage” so you are aware that you may be responsible for the full cost of the ride.

To file an appeal against Medicare for non-payment of an ambulance ride: call KEPRO (Colorado region’s Medicare Quality Improvement Organization) at 1-844-430-9504 or your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) office at 303-480-6835 (Denver-metro) or 1-888-696-7213 (Colorado).

In some cases, Medicare covers non-emergency, medically necessary ambulance rides – for example, travel to get diagnosed for a health condition when other forms of transportation aren’t appropriate for you. Call 1-800-MEDICARE or the number on the back of your health insurance card to find out more.

Medicaid Rides to Medical Appointments — Medicaid provides rides to medical appointments via a third-party service called Veyo. You must be approved before using this service and schedule these rides in advance. To learn more or to troubleshoot ride related problems, contact or call 1-855-922-1322.

Medicaid Non-Medical Rides — If you have Medicaid under Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS) or another waiver, you may be eligible for non-medical personal trips, for example rides to the grocery store, meal sites and adult day programs.

You must be approved by Medicaid before using this service. Once you’re approved, schedule rides 48-hours in advance. To learn more, talk to your Medicaid case manager – these are by county. For Adams, Arapahoe, Denver and Douglas counties, call Rocky Mountain Human Services: 844-790-7647 or email:  For Broomfield, Clear Creek and Gilpin counties, call Adult Care Management at 303-439-7011. For Jefferson County, call Jefferson County Options for Long Term Care at 303-271-4216.

Call the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs to see if there are transportation services available for you: 800-827-1000 (Lakewood location).

Transportation safety
Transportation companies are regulated by the State of Colorado through the (DORA) at 303-894-7855 or online at

To file a complaint about a transportation company including concerns about safety, rates, insurance, and quality of service issues, call 1-800-456-0858 or go to

Why might the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ask me to take a re-examination to keep my driver’s license?

  • When you have two accidents within three years of each other.
  • If an immediate family member or medical provider feels, for medical reasons, you may be unsafe to drive. (They must write a letter to the DMV to request re-examination).
  • When a law enforcement officer files an incident report requesting re-examination.

For more information, call 303-205-5600 or visit

Colorado’s Guide for Aging Drivers and their Families and AARP Driver Safety class information can be found here:

Need more assistance or want to talk with someone about resources?

  • Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council (DRMAC) Transportation Helpline: 303-243-3113
  • Aging & Disability Resources for the Denver Metro Area: 303-480‐6700
  • Aging & Disability Resources for Colorado: 1‐844‐265‐2372
  • Community Helpline: 2‐1‐1
  • Eldercare Locator (a national hotline for aging resources all over the U.S.): 1‐800‐677‐1116

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This guide is brought to you by the Denver Coordinated Workgroup.  The Denver Coordinated Workgroup is made up of experts from the field of aging who are committed to creating and sharing information in order to guide people to the services they need to thrive as they grow older.  Western Care Partners is proud to serve with this group of talented professionals. 

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