When life hits you hard, that's when you need support the most.

Psychotherapy and Care Management Guidance for Individuals, Couples and Families

Western Care Partners was created to ease the stress and uncertainty felt when trying to help a loved one, and to embrace families with resources and support.

We know that you need to be the rock everyone counts on. But when something big happens to someone we love, our own feelings take a backseat. Soon enough, all those negative emotions bottle up and we just feel stuck. It’s a tall order — to feel strong enough for others as well as yourself. At Western Care Partners, we believe that life is hard enough as it is, and the emotional toll you are dealing with is real. You probably didn’t expect to be handed the role of holding everything together but you deserve support too.

When you’re handed the role of holding things together, you deserve a soft place to land. Give your emotions a place to rest and get back to being you again.



Working with individuals, couples, or families, psychotherapy is a chance to work through the emotional problems and mental health challenges that come from caring for a loved one who is dealing with complex medical situations, memory loss, disability, or chronic disease.

Care Management Consultations

When you’re handed a role you didn’t expect and don’t know where to start, our consultations can bring you the clarity you need, the actual resources available to you, and a plan to move forward with practical solutions.

Facilitation of Family Meetings

Sometimes you need someone to facilitate a meeting to get everyone on the same page. A family meeting allows everyone to hear what is not being said, openly discuss the things that are hard to talk about and find an attainable way to get “unstuck” so you can make good decisions together.

“People want to do the best thing for their loved ones and they don’t know where to start.

Jill Eelkema, LCSW

Meet Jill Eelkema, LCSW

Jill Eelkema has worked with countless older adults and people with disabilities for over 17 years. While her environment and job has evolved, Jill’s singular passion has remained the same — helping others become the most confident version of themselves no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Whether she is counseling an individual through the difficulties of aging or maximizing a family’s ability to access funding for a loved one, Jill strongly believes every human deserves to feel loved and cared for as they journey through life’s challenges.

“My mom is sweet and sharp, but needs a lot, and as much as I try to look after her, it’s overwhelming. With Jill, I can do it. She’s really knowledgeable, full of ideas and knows so many great people who can help. We don’t know what we’d do without her!”

Robin M., Palm Springs, CA

“There is no way I can possibly thank you for all of your support and the help you have provided me during this journey with my family.  Your knowledge, insight, kindness and wonderful sense of humor have soothed me through some very rough patches.  I am so grateful for your ability to grasp what was needed.”

Cindy M., Denver, CO


At Western Care Partners, we continually strive to support and educate our clients on how to handle many of the challenges we and our loved ones face as we get older. Consider this space of our site your trusted reading corner — this is where you can deepen your understanding on navigating ageism, strengthen your mental health, and find tips for empowering each phase of your life and the lives of the people you love.

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Get unstuck and back to being you.

Everything starts with a good snapshot of your situation. Together, we will discuss options around where you’re at to see where we can go. You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

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