Services for Individuals and Families

Big change is hard, and it’s really hard when you're the one everyone counts on.

Your own emotions take a backseat but all those feelings bottle up and soon enough you feel stuck.  You start to question yourself and THAT feeling.  It sucks when you find yourself losing faith in the one person you could always count on — you. You recognize you could use some help here. 

At Western Care Partners, we offer a variety of services to meet you exactly where you are. Whether you’re grieving the aging process, adjusting to a disability, seeking help for a loved one with neurocognitive issues, or simply need a fresh voice to facilitate a family meeting, we’re ready to help you take your first step forward.


50- or 75-minute sessions via telehealth, at my office
or in the home (with 2 or less people)

Stop feeling stuck in the muck and get back on the path to being you again.

Psychotherapy is a chance to work through the emotional problems and mental health challenges that come from caring for yourself or a loved one who is dealing with a complex medical situation, memory loss, disability, or chronic disease. In these sessions, you’ll feel heard and seen as we discuss your current state of mind and different options to get you where you need to be. Together — whether for individuals, couples, or families — I’ll help you process through the emotions you’re dealing with to feel grounded again.

50-minute Session

$165 (in person or via video conferencing)


One hour sessions via telehealth, at my office
or in the home (with 2 or less people)

When you’re handed a role you didn’t expect and you don’t know where to start.

Our consultations can bring you the clarity you need, the actual resources available to you, and a plan to move forward with practical solutions. In this consultation, I’ll share how to navigate aging benefits, including Medicare and Medicaid, so you can understand what funding and services your loved one is eligible for. We will cover what expectations to have about how a disease progresses and ways to be a strong advocate. Together, we’ll discuss the changes that come when someone’s health evolves and the next right steps to take.

Full 60-minute Consultations

$155 (in person or via video conferencing)



2-hour meeting with 3 or more people via telehealth or in the home

Life is hard enough as is and you probably didn’t expect to be handed the role of Family Mediator.

Sometimes you need a fresh voice with an outside perspective to facilitate a meeting and get everyone on the same page. Bringing everyone together for a family meeting allows each person to candidly voice their concerns and hear others’ thoughts. In this meeting, I’ll listen to each family member’s thoughts and concerns. Together, we’ll discuss attainable ways to get “unstuck” and steps to implement immediately so you can start making good decisions together

Family Assessment Meeting

$385 (in person or via video conferencing)

Frequently Asked Questions

After 17 years of doing this type of work, we have an idea of what questions you may have. If you find yourself still in need of answers, please consider booking a 15-minute consultation call with me — after all, it is complimentary.

We begin with a complimentary consultation call, completely free of charge. From there, we either schedule a psychotherapy session, a care management consultation or a family assessment meeting. For psychotherapy, a lot of people prefer to meet 1x/week at first and then spread their sessions out down the road.  

If you need care management guidance around a specific situation (ie. appealing a discharge), we may meet more than once during the week to make phone calls as the situation progresses.  Keep in mind that it can take months to work with larger systems like Social Security or Medicaid so we do what we need to in order to resolve the situation.

Before our first session, we make sure you understand our legal obligation as mandatory reporters, as well as your rights and the protections in place to protect your confidentiality.

Everything you say is confidential with the exception of:

  • if you have perpetuated abuse, exploitation, or neglect of an at-risk adult, we are mandated to report this to Adult Protective Services (APS); that said, if you are disclosing that an older adult or adult with a disability is unable to care for him or herself and unable to access resources on their own (self-neglect), we will call APS together — it’s not as scary as it sounds and sometimes you have to build a paper-trail until things get better;
  • if you are a danger to yourself or others, we will report this to law enforcement;
  • if you contact us via email, text, or social media, we are unable to ensure the confidentiality of these communications;
  • If your situation is outside of our scope, it may be discussed in supervision with a professional who has been hired professionally and confidentially to support our careers/education.

If and when we close your case and stop working together, your situation stays confidential and protected as well.  You can always call again if something comes up, as we keep records of all former clients.

Jill gave me great insight into what my parents were experiencing with Alzheimer’s. She helped me ‘see’ them better and understand how to interact with them constructively.  I know my parents’ lives have been improved by the insights and practical information Western Care Partners gave me. What you did for my family was truly priceless.”

Beth W., Denver, CO

“We are surviving on this journey because of you.”

Cindy and Trish, Castle Rock, CO

Get unstuck and back to being you again.

Everything starts with a good snapshot of your situation. Together, we will discuss options around where you’re at to see where we can go. You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to talk about your current situation.

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