Fees and Insurance


Complimentary Consultation: Call for a free consult to talk about your loved one’s situation — 720-675-9902.

Full Consultation: $125 over phone / video conference; $155 in person

Family Assessment Meeting: $285 (video conferencing available)
Family Assessment Meeting with Plan of Care: $435

Private Case Management: Our case management program is tailored to your situation; costs vary based on the level of care required per month.

Supportive Counseling: $125 / hour

Professional Personal Advocacy: $125 / hour

Medicaid HCBS Applications:
$900 / individual
$1200 / married couple/domestic partners

Click here for more information about each service.

Payment methods: cash, check, and credit


At this time, we do not take insurance however some people have used flex-spending or health savings accounts to work with us.

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