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How to Communicate with our Older Parents

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On March 5th at 6pm MT, join us to cover the basic protocol on how to establish loving, strong, and consistent communication with your older parents.

We will cover some precise and easy steps to radically improve and transform our communication with our older family members: 

1. Learn how to define your "team": Who are all the people supporting your parent, and what role do they each play? How can they all work together by playing up their individual strengths? How can you find consensus? 
2. Empower your parents: How do we help our parents maintain their autonomy and dignity, while also caring and supporting for them in new and important ways?
3. Understand the situation: What does it mean to become a caregiver? A lot can go into managing a parent's household, and most of us have never had to do it before. Luckily, breaking down the different components (financial / emotional / logistical...) helps create more clarity and balance. 

HOST: Hey Herbie is a TV-based platform for older adults, that helps you communicate in real-time with your parent and give them crucial help, including in ordering food or transportation, arranging household tasks, and more.

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