Stick it to the Man

My friend told me that it was at least a little easier when her dad could stay busy doing things that he thought were helpful.  

“At first, he handled the mail,” she told me.  “He would spread all of it out on the kitchen table to organize it.  You wouldn’t believe what stuff they send...Publisher's Clearing House...erectile was his job.  And you know the best part?” She laughed to herself….

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One Part of Me has Snapped and the Other is Draggin’

Faye is unbelievably candid and adventurous for not being able to see, hardly being able to hear and having all of her teeth removed at 20-years old. She says she fell in love, got married and hopped on a train to California with Orson, her husband. He went off to fight in World War II and she worked for the military making bed frames on an assembly line. Read more…

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