Documents to Include with Your Medicaid Application

If you or someone you care for is low-income, you can apply for Medicaid to cover some expenses.  In Colorado, the application is called Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs and is used when you are applying for: medical coverage; Medicare Savings Programs (programs that help pay for Medicare premiums and expenses); in-home care or assisted living through the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver; or Long-Term Care (LTC) Medicaid.

You can print a Medicaid application from here:  Under “Apply by Mail”, click on the English or Spanish version titled: “Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) & Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) Paper Application”.

Tips: Do NOT apply for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS ) or Long Term Care (LTC) Medicaid programs online. The Colorado PEAK website is not built to handle these.  Apply for these services through a Medicaid Assistance site or a professional Medicaid consultant (see information below).  Also, if you need medical and food/financial assistance, it is recommended that you apply only for medical coverage first.  After you receive medical coverage, you can apply for food and financial assistance online.  The above application only covers medical.

To help your Medicaid application be processed more efficiently, copies of the following items need to be included with your application to prove your eligibility. If you are married or in a domestic partnership, Medicaid looks at your eligibility as a couple.  Note: You will also need to include the following information for anyone to whom you are legally married, even if they are not in need of services or you are not living together.

  • Driver’s license or photo ID, passport, birth certificate or immigration papers to prove identity
  • Medicare card and any other health insurance cards including Medicare Advantage or prescription drug cards
  • Copy of your Social Security statement (You can create a Social Security online account and print your statement here:
  • Proof of income from any other retirement/pensions being received; the statements submitted must include the pension/retirement account’s gross amount
  • Copies of your three (3) most recent months of bank statements from all checking and savings accounts; include a letter explaining any deposits/withdrawals over $500 that are not labeled with the depositor or receiver’s name
  • Copies of both financial and Medical Durable Power of Attorney documents
  • Proof of expenses including your rent or property taxes, utilities or medical bills
  • Copy of prepaid/irrevocable funeral or burial policy if either of these has been purchased
  • Copy of life insurance policy including a statement of current cash value
  • Copy of financial bonds or stocks
  • Copy of vehicle registration

Medicaid does not count the following items as resources: a home that you own and live in, an irrevocable burial policy, your vehicle, term life insurance policies and personal possessions.

Be sure all questions on the application are answered and that the application has been signed.  Make a copy of the entire application for your records.  If you are completing an application for someone who is under your care, include a letter explaining your situation and verification that you have permission to set up services.  Also include a letter explaining your situation if there are documents you are unable to provide.

Note: Whether you are submitting your application through DHS or the AMES site, ask to have the copy of your application date-stamped for your records.  This is useful as a reference for you in the event that your application is lost or delayed.

Where to Turn In your Medicaid Application (for Medical Coverage only!):

You can submit your application for medical coverage through your county Department of Human Services (DHS) or you can also submit it through a Medicaid Assistance (MA) site.  In the Denver metro area, the Access Medical Enrollment Services (AMES) site in Aurora has extensive experience with HCBS and LTC Medicaid applications.  You can make an appointment to sit down with an AMES specialist who will review your application and submit it to the county DHS office (Note: due to COVID, the AMES site is accepting walk-in clients who will be assisted virtually and over the phone)Working with AMES is an excellent option if you are submitting an application on behalf of someone else.  (Note: applications for food/financial assistance only must be submitted directly to your county Department of Human Services).

If you are submitting your application through the AMES site, you will need to bring original copies of the photo ID and Medicare / health coverage cards.

Make an appointment with AMES by:

  • calling 1-855-221-4138,
  • faxing 720-744-5227
  • emailing or scanning your application to them at or,
  • by scheduling via email at

AMES address: 11100 E Bethany Drive, Aurora, CO 80014

Private Assistance to Complete a Medicaid Application

With families living out-of-state or for individuals who are unable to leave their homes or communities, it may make sense to hire a professional Medicaid consultant or an attorney to complete an application.  Western Care Partners offers Care Management Consultations which help you understand the process of applying for Medicaid, know what it covers and connect you with private services if needed.

For other tips or questions about the Medicaid process and to understand next steps, contact Western Care Partners at 720-675-9902 or via our Contact Us page.

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